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ID Cards

and Badges



ID cards and badges

FOTO-ID SERVICES specializes in photo ID cards for identification and name badges.  Our ID Cards are custom designed for organizations, companies, events groups.  Contact a representative today to learn more about:

-        photo and signature identification cards

-    Foreign Drivers License and Work Travel Visa Translations

-    event and facility badges

-    private label customer or membership cards

-        corporate security badges and swipe cards

what we are NOT

FOTO-ID SERVICES is not in the business of printing or promoting the production of invalid or "fake" identification cards.  Our mission is to provide valid, useful picture and/or signature identification card for professional and personal use.  Anyone found to have violated the affidavit or agreements for purchase will be held responsible for any associated fines or punishment.  FOTO-ID SERVICES will make every effort to assist law enforcement, governments or corporate sponsors with regards to appropriate punishment of offenders.   



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